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Tips to Help You Avoid Sewer and Plumbing Problems

How to Limit Your Expenses for a Professional Plumber

plumbing pipes and toolsIf you are tired of paying hundreds of dollars to freelance plumbers who promise to fix your problems, then you’d better follow some preventative plumbing system maintenance tips that will help you limit the frequency of your need for a plumber. Here is what you can do to avoid plumbing and sewage issues in the nearest future:

The first and the most important thing is to keep your pipes in a good working order.

  • Sewer. About 90% of slow drains are caused by blocked sewer lines. These blocks are created most commonly by construction debris, improper installation, tree roots, as well as crushed and disjoined pipes.
  • Water. An average US citizen uses about 80 to 100 gallons a day. The main water lines are usually made from copper, PVC, galvanized steel, blue poly, etc. Different type of pipes require different maintenance because some of them are more durable than others. PVC, for example, has a tendency to crack with temperature changes, so they are more vulnerable during spring and fall. You may want to cover them in order to provide them with better insulation during this period. Blue Polybutylene is a type of plastic that deteriorates over time. This is a cheap alternative to copper plumbing but actually turned out to cause disastrous leaks.
  • If you get any faulty pipes reinstalled by a professional plumber, make sure that after he does that, he flushes your new water pipes. This is needed in order to make sure that no clay, dirt or other small particles will make their way into your home’s water system.

Do not try to save on professional services when you really need a reliable plumber. Hiring a freelancer who offers you a cheaper deal is never the best solution. If you seek for reasonable pricing within the area of Los Angeles CA without compromise on the quality of workmanship, consult Gateway Rooter and Plumbing. You can reach our experts for a consultation at (323) 364-8587!


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