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Think You May Have a Blockage in Your Main Sewer Pipe?

Will a Professional Sewer Contractor Know What a Sewer Lateral Is?

A lateral sewer is an underground pipe which connects a residence or business to the main sewerage line. Usually, it is made out of iron, which is at least 4 inches in diameter. Some governments consider the whole connecting pipe to be the property of a business or homeowner.

pipesIn other areas, a city or county will take on the responsibility for the part of a lateral sewerage from the main line to a property line and will only perform sewer repairs there. Lateral sewers account for over 50% of the pipe in many systems. Sadly, the privately owned part of a lateral is taken for granted until a problem occurs which can’t be ignored, like raw sewage backing up into a house.

A number of things can break down a sewer lateral. Substances or objects like grease or diapers which are flushed down a toilet can create a blockage. Tree roots sometimes break through the side of a lateral. Or, an old lateral will just simply corrode or crack.

Although most local and state courts have ruled that public funds cannot be used to repair private houses, sewer lateral are sometimes granted an exemption due to their direct connection to the health of a neighbourhood. Sewage or contaminated water which escapes can seep into the water table, thus making it everyone’s problem. Bearing this in mind, regions all over the U.S. have created programs over the last 10 years to help absorb the cost of fixing any defects or breaks in lateral pipes, so they will send in a privately contracted sewer contractor to perform the repairs.

The responsibility sometimes gets complicated, however, when a few houses share the same pipe. Usually, the lateral sewer runs downhill to a main pipe line, which allows gravity to do most of its work. A Y fitting and pipe connects to the lateral to provide access to a larger pipe.

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