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plumbing tools and pipesShould I replace my main sewer lines?

It comes down to personal opinion. Often, the problem does not require replacing, but only some repairs and snaking. The price difference is significant, so approach this matter with caution.If your sewer lines back up more than once a year, you should have the area inspected and the problem discovered. Maybe tree roots have grown into the line, or some other problem has emerged. Discover the nature of the issue before attempting expensive replacement procedures.

What do ”Hard Water” and ”Soft Water” mean?

Hard water contains many dissolved minerals – magnesium, calcium and others. Soft water, on the other hand, has sodium as it’s only ion. Rainwater is naturally soft, as it falls down. When it hits the ground, however, and passes through our waterways, it picks up many minerals along the way. Hard water is the preferable one for drinking – because soft water naturally tastes quite salty. On the other hand, soft water is used for cleaning clothes, dishes, etc. Hard water is responsible for dingy clothing, spots on your favourite dishes and soap scum in your bathtub.

Where is your company based, and where do you provide your services?
We provide our plumbing and sewer repairs in Los Angeles CA and all the communities in the metropolitan area. For example, we are one of the preferred options for residents of Pasadena and Alhambra. That is why, wherever in the region you need our assistance, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us!
plumber repair a sinkThere are many plumbers around. What makes you the right one for me?
Since we possess more than 25 years of experience in the industry, it is indisputable that we have the skills needed to provide any kind of plumbing or sewer service. Therefore, whatever the problem of your pipe system is, make sure to reach us. At Gateway Rooter and Plumbing, we have the skills and the tools needed to do everything properly!
Do you provide emergency services?
In our business reliability is of crucial importance. That is why, in our desire to be the trustworthy option for residents of this area, we provide emergency plumbing and sewer repairs too. So, whenever you need an urgent service, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We will do everything possible to help you!
I need a sewer contractor, and I want to hire your company, but I’m not sure whether you provide the service that I need. How can I find out whether you do?
All you need to do in this situation is contact us. At Gateway Rooter and Plumbing, we strive to establish a relationship with our clients that is based on trust and reliability. Consequently, whether you want to schedule an appointment or ask a question, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach us!
I think that I can perform the repair on my own. Why should I hire a professional plumbing and sewer contractor?
The main reason why you need to use the services of an expert is that you probably don’t have the skills needed to do the repair properly. In addition, if you don’t possess the tools needed, you have to spend money on buying them. Instead, it’s much easier to call a specialist and allow him to take care of everything.
How can I prevent leaking pipes?
Every once in a while, the pipes in your home should be inspected. If you notice things like rust or lime, this means that the pipe will leak soon. In this case, you should contact an expert who can take care of the problem. Otherwise, it might become a much bigger one.
sink drainWhy does my drain get clogged?
As you probably know, the drains get clogged with things that get into them. In the bath, the most common cause for clogged drains is the oil residue from shampoos and soaps. When mixed with hair, sooner or later, this becomes a problem. That is why treating your drains regularly is strongly recommended!
How much will a plumbing service cost me?
The answer to this question varies with the type of service that you need. For example, if you need the help of a plumber for a small leak, it will cost you a lot less then a full-scale root removal by a professional sewer contractor. Call us today, explain what the problem is, and we will give you an estimate.
I have a question, but I couldn’t find it here. What should I do?
In that case, all you need to do is ask! Whether you need information about the price on our plumbing service or details about the duration of the typical sewer repairs, you should simply call us. Since our company strives to be the reliable option for the residents of Los Angeles CA, we will gladly give you more info.


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