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Do You Need Your Sewer Unblocked?

Tips on Choosing the Best Rooter and Sewer Contractor

There are 4 things to consider when searching for the best rooter and sewer contractor, and they are, experience, price, warranty, and reputation. This type of contractor is normally a small firm that has the equipment, skills, and expertise required to properly sort out any sewer problem. Their main purpose is is to unblock or unclog most residential and at times commercial sewerage systems issues.

Below are 3 areas we, at Gateway Rooter and Plumbing, in Los Angeles CA recommend you consider when looking for any rooter and sewer contractor.

What is their reputation and stability like?

What is their experience and methodology?

What is their service before, during and after a job is done?

Start by asking these questions:

What is their business reputation and stability like.

How long have they been in business for at their current address and business name?

How many customers have used them in the last 5 years?

How many years have they been offering this particular service?

Experience and methodology.

How many years experience do their technicians have?

How many clients use them per week?

How many service technicians do they have who are able to handle all plumbing and sewer jobs?

Do they employ staff or bring in sub contractors to handle their service calls?

Are their employees paid by the hour or by commission?

Service, before, during and after a job.

How many hours per day do they receive live phone coverage by an employee?

How many days per week do they receive phone calls for business?

What are their working hours?

Do they work weekends and holidays?

What is their warranty period on any repairs and drain jobs?

We hope that these simple questions will give you more information to make the best choice when it comes down to choosing the right company outside of our area.

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