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Do You Know How to Recognize a Cheating Plumbing Contractors?

Spotting Potential Repair Scams Before You Hire a Plumber

Being a plumber is a hard job requiring a lot of knowledge and skills. If you use such a service quite often and you are familiar with the plumbing costs, it is never too late to become a victim to a scam. Here is what you should avoid:

Scam # 1. If you call a specialist explaining to him your problem and he tells you how much you will have to pay without even making a quick visual inspection, do not hire him. Do not accept a bid if you get an approximate price over the phone for the services he will have to perform. A good plumbing contractor will come to your home first, look at the condition of your pipes, and give a free estimate.

Scam # 2. Always ask about a written contract before he begins the work. Otherwise, you risk paying a lot more that you originally agreed. All unprofessional plumbers may decide to increase the costs of their materials and labor during the repairing process. This will definitely mean that they are scams. This especially applies to elderly clients.

Scam # 3. Sometimes, in order to keep you as a customer, a plumbing contractor will push you to accept his offer today, only today. Well-respected experts will never force anyone to use their services. Their work will speak for itself. So, if they ask you to accept a quote which lasts only for a day, ignore their bid.

Scam # 4. A ”professional” may ask you to pay a high down payment. Normally, he may ask you to pay 10 % of the total cost; however, if he asks for a larger payment, he may take it and run. So, be extremely careful in this kind of situation.

Scam # 5. Watch out for thieves. Do not trust anyone who says he was sent by a building company or a the Water Department to check your plumbing system for any issues. The moment you let him in, he will start looking around for valuable items to steal.

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